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How about this info for starters? Then as time goes on I will send you updated list of members..........
The following guidelines will apply for earning toe tokens and big feet.

Kindergarten and 1st grade: 3 miles logged = 1 toe token

2nd and 3rd grades: 4 miles logged = 1 toe token

4th and 5th grades: 5 miles logged = 1 toe token

Any one who has earned 10 toe tokens can turn them in for a BIG FOOT. This means they are a member of the MILEAGE CLUB!

Teachers who want to take part in this wonderful fitness challenge can log miles done away from school as well --- any type of mileage done on a treadmill, exercise bike, and elliptical machine can be logged. For those people who use an exercise video that states it is equivalent to a certain number of miles can log those miles, too. Teachers who earn the most BIG FEET will be recognized for their effort with an ice cream sundae ---- kidding.......!!

Adults: 6 miles = 1 toe token / 10 toe tokens in exchange for 1 BIG FOOT.

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