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Reading with Expression is both enjoyable and important for readers. When students read with expression they show that they are understanding the characters and the story they are reading. Having your child use this strategy will help to solidfy their comprehension skills. Watch this video to learn more about Reading with Expression. CLICK FOR MORE
Have you ever tried to read something that did not include any punctuation marks? It would be rather difficult to understand the text and all of its meaning. When students read a passage and skip over the punctuation marks, the words on the page begin to lose their intended meaning. Watch this video to understand the importance of Punctuation Pauses. CLICK FOR MORE
Have your kids ever mimicked you and you thought it was annoying? Well with reading, we want them to do what we do. You, as the parent, set many great examples for your child in hopes they will do the same - good manners, healthy habits, etc. But did you know that YOU can Read by Example in order to show them the importance of reading. Watch this video to learn more about how you can affect your child's reading habits by Reading by Example. CLICK FOR MORE
What do you do if you come across a word you are not familiar with? Interestingly, we all try different methods to decode a word that is unfamiliar to us. Chunking the word into smaller parts is a useful strategy used when children are taught to read. Watch this video to learn more about how to help your child Decode words to become a better reader. CLICK FOR MORE
Picking "Just Right" Books is the name of our next video. This helpful strategy can assist parents in choosing books for their child that are "Just Right". CLICK FOR MORE
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